GDPR Changes – Be Aware & Be Prepared

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At MrFinch, we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are kept fully informed of legislative changes and are equipped to adapt their internal processes accordingly. As you may have heard recently, GDPR is the new ‘buzz word’ when it comes to data protection, and the huge shift in the legal requirements demanded from business owners […]

12/09/2017 by MrFinch

Employment Tribunal fees shock!

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You will inevitably have heard by now that the Supreme Court today ended 4 years of legal challenge by Unison when it declared the requirement, introduced in 2013, for a claimant to pay a fee before commencing tribunal proceedings, was in fact, as Unison has always maintained, illegal. Given Unison had failed at the High […]

27/07/2017 by MrFinch

Is your contractor really your employee?

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HMRC have recently published a useful on-line tool to help establish the thorny issue of employment status. Click here to see the HMRC Employment Status for Tax tool Remember this is HMRC’s view not necessarily an Employment Tribunals view! Remember also unlike UK employment law HMRC don’t recognise the concept of a worker as opposed […]

14/03/2017 by MrFinch